[#073] Silicone Sex Dolls Japanese Sex Doll – Lily 100cm

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With Japanese Sex Doll for me your wishes can be advantageously satisfied. Toys are presently created to go down on you and to reproduce sucking and that astonishing sentiment a moving tongue on your head. Simply lie back once more, recognize the toy around your cockerel and begin it doing work. No should accept about how amplified it can suck for, no need to trust that it will get it in the mouth, only the sheer delight of a reasonable sensual caress for your thorough fulfillment.

• Height: 3ft 3in (100cm)
• Weight: 26.5lbs (12kg)
• Chest: 24in (63cm) or 22in (56cm)
• Waist: 15in (38cm)
• Hip: 23in (60cm)
• Vaginal depth: 6in (16cm)
• Anal hole : 5.9in (15cm)
• Oral cavity depth: 4in (11cm)
• Material : Silicone TPE
• Skeleton : Steel frame

Fine Art:Each japanese silicone doll is manually sculptured by master, lifelike, endowed with soul.
Environmental Protection Material:Non-toxic and no smell; Pulling resistance degree is great, strong elasticity;Extremely soft,feels better and softer than silica gel
Flexible joints:Using complete simulation of the joints,strong, flexible.The doll joints can do 3D activities.Let you have the freedom to adjust the action of the doll, cooperate your need, authentic reality
Perfect simulated technology: The internal structure of vagina is completely carried on according to the reality, with a g-spot, countless fold and protuberance.There is a spikes of uterus in the tail ,increased stimulus, real sex appeal.

Material: The doll is made of medical silicone material TPE.Tensile degrees reach 550%, so durability is stronger; Cosmetics security level material is non-toxic, and our doll is the only one with this kind of excellent material in China. In addition,the material for the dolls is super soft,so the doll can give you the most natural human skin texture.
Bones: In order to make bones durable, we adopt titanium skeleton.To the maximum reduction of human’s action, we design 36 different steering knuckles.These can make the doll both act easily and maintain the same posture,not rebound.
Real stuff: The skin and flesh strongly attach to the skeleton,100% of whole entity TPE without any fillers.
Modelling design: All dolls are made by domestic stylists. From design to production, to the prototype of achievement, every step is made by numerous modification and improvement.
Finger: There are bones in the fingers which can make various gestures. There is ealistic detailed texture design, hard to hear true and false.
Pubes: There are two kinds, with pubes and without pubes.The pubes are made of real wool ,and rooted one by one by manual work, seem more lifelike.The default is the doll without pubes for shipment.
Vagina structure: The vagina is arising from the mud draft made by the master with 40 years of experience engaged in the wax statue carving,so it is very realistic.There are two models for the vagina, a integrated one and a seperated one.A integrated one need lavage when cleaning,but a seperated one need to take out of the body.
Accessories as free presents:Vagina cleaner,1;Underwear,1;Hair,1;Heating rod,1;Pronunciation,1;Lubricating oil, 1;blanket,1;Gloves,1;Nails glue,1;Dolls glue,1Talcum powder,1; Anti-static comb,1; Lipstick,1; Condoms,1;Discoloration cream,1
Packing: Flight case, with four wheels in the bottom, the moving is convenient.Every one of our package design the thick layer inside.

37 reviews for [#073] Silicone Sex Dolls Japanese Sex Doll – Lily 100cm

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